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The Angel of the North, 12 orck south, took a while to become loved, and Katie Perkin of the Banks Group believes Northumberlandia could rival her popularity. Northumberlandia: The naked lady of Cramlington Published 1 September media captionNorthumberlandia: A face in the landscape Northumberlandia, also known as "The Lady of The North" is a Naied of public art built into the landscape of Cramlington in Northumberland. Princess Anne will visit Northumberlandia on Monday to officially declare the site open, although the public will not be able to see it for themselves until Wednesday.

People will be able to walk over the goddess-like Northumberlandia, which can be seen by pilots coming in to land at nearby Newcastle airport. With this project we heard there was some local concern about a negative effect on tourism, so we decided to go one step further than usual and create a tourist attraction to leave as our legacy.

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I think it is going to be brilliant. She is made up of 1. More on this story. Some of her features are artistically highlighted with stone from the mine that is often used for the restoration of old buildings.

Planned for seven years and built over two, she is the largest landscape replica of the female body ever seen in the world, her creators say. He claimed the landform was a "clever" way for the bosses to save money on clearing the spoil.

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First is a core of rock, then clay and lastly soil, topped with grass seed that will withstand being walked on. There was no intention to make a Pagan figure or mimic any ancient fertility symbols, despite her breasts which rise almost ft above the ground.

Naked rock hill women

She said: "I suppose it will bring extra business to the area, and that's magnificent, but I love the idea and I love that they will be making it into a nature reserve. The views are absolutely fantastic with the Cheviots on one side and the coast on the other," he said.

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Jump to Northumberlandia: giant naked goddess carved into hillside A 1,ft-long reclining woman which is the world's largest human form sculpted into the landscape is to open to the public next month. Made from the by-products of that opencast mine, the figure is created in layers. During a visit Love find the site last year, Charles Jencks, who began his des for Northumberlandia inadmitted the artwork was womenn bigger than I ever thought".

Passengers on the East Coast main line and drivers on the A1 have noticed as her curves took shape over the past two years.

Naked rock hill women

Her creation was part of rocck planning application made by the Banks Group and Blagdon Estate when they requested to create what is now the largest surface mine in England, Shotton Surface Mine. He said he travels past the site every day and thinks the creation will attract people to the area.

Naked rock hill women

She stands ft 34m high at her tallest point, her forehead, and is 1,ft m long. Northumberlandia was formed, amid some controversy, as a lasting legacy in recompense for the disruption caused by coal extraction on such a grand scale, as the mine is the largest of hlll kind in England. The Snowy Owl, a pub just to the right of Northumberlandia, will undoubtedly benefit from the development, but manager Gina Ward is also looking forward to the opening for personal reasons.

They made this. We wanted to give something back.

Naked rock hill women

She thinks the money could have been spent on something more for the children in the area, but admitted: "I'm not a walker so it's not my kind of thing. Mrs Perkin said the Shotton Surface Miners were asked to contribute their ideas during development of the project.

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