Looking for intelligent attractive woman



Unhealthy relationships: why do we keep falling for them?

A woman, who has to carry for nine months, has to consider the long-term implications of choosing a mate. How could they know that the way they looked in that photo would be used in a study to predict how smart their future husbands turned out to be?

Looking for intelligent attractive woman

That studypublished in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, shows the consequences of class photo day: Attractive women tended to have intelligent husbands. Emma Betuel The average age of the people asked to rate attractiveness in was In his textbook Evolutionary Theories in PsychologyBuss explains: Modern women have inherited the evolutionary trait to desire mates who possess resources, Kokomo strip clubs qualities linked with acquiring resources e.

In this analysis, it did, and Dunkel referred to some tenets of sexual strategies theory when he described his findings to PsyPost.

There are plenty of women who raise children on their own, and there are obviously plenty of LLooking who seek out intelligent women. These conclusions may seem contradictory, but they are exactly what the team of researchers, led by Western Illinois University professor of psychology Curtis S.

In this scenario, the researchers noted that the men who had been told they were about to meet a more intelligent woman "distanced themselves more from her, tended to rate her as less attractive, and Looikng less desire to exchange contact information or plan a date infelligent her. So while the conclusions of this study may ring true in some people, the science behind this effect is still very much Domme and sub its infancy.

Looking for intelligent attractive woman

It uses both to explain why men and women appear wooman have different priorities when it comes to dating. No, that's not a slight on the female of the species. Related Tags. Specifically, the study shows that women who were judged as attractive in their black-and-white yearbook photo ended up having husbands who scored higher on IQ tests taken around the same time, at least according to the study.

Looking for intelligent attractive woman

First, men were asked to rank the merits of women who had out- or under-performed them in an intelligence test as a prospective romantic partner. There are, perhaps unsurprisingly, some ificant caveats to consider about this study. Instead, it's the findings of a new study, which suggests that men state their Nude Slovenia ny girls preference for intelligent women only to then change their minds in the cold qoman of the dating arena.

Dunkel, Ph. They also found that the opposite was not true: Male attractiveness did not predict the IQ score of their future wives.

Looking for intelligent attractive woman

This astounding finding, which supports one evolutionary psychology theory about the differing mate preferences between women and men, was based on an analysis of data from the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study WLSa survey of over 10, Wisconsin high school seniors that began in that assessed IQ, among other characteristics. On the other hand, men more strongly desire youth and health in women, Aduly freind finder both are cues to fertility.

Sexual strategy theory suggests that, given the difference in their demands, men and women have adopted different strategies to ensure they get what they want out of a partner.

Men can be ‘too smart’ to date

The theory is based on one assumption: When it comes to mating, men and women need different things. The authors of the current study cite sexual strategy theory as a foundation for their hypothesis.

Looking for intelligent attractive woman

Participants were asked to complete a maths and English test They found that the men were more likely to declare their attraction to women who had performed better than them. Men, on the other hand, have less to lose when it comes to choosing a mate, so they can value short-term fitness values, like attractiveness.

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