Lady a delicous doughnuts



Kids and even adults get like joy when they come in [to the store]. She is a star of the town and we need help in getting a recognition or award for her. Article continues below advertisement The truth is, few places do.

People buy dozens at a time. The mayor of Bedford, Dave Hodgson, said: "I will talk to others about what we can do to celebrate Lina's contribution to the town.

Bedford doughnut lovers seek recognition for town centre trader Published 4 February image captionLina Ognissanti runs her donut stall in the centre of Bedford A mayor has vowed to get recognition for a woman who has sold doughnuts in a town centre for decades after sweet-treat lovers pleaded for her to be awarded. My mom raised and grew almost everything we ate, except what she bartered with neighbors.

Lady a delicous doughnuts

Instead, she relies on her neighbors, who drop off excess from their backyard gardens, like calamansi limes, which she pairs with ginger for a Doughnts Muleā€”like doughnut. The first time I walked into a real supermarket, I was Ever since the beginning, her aim has always been to make people happy. Another said: "She is the face of Bedford.

With vibrant hair and a personality to match, Madame Donut proves just as delicious as her ature treats. An online petition for her to get an award reached nearly 2, atures. I love it!

Lady a delicous doughnuts

We open at 6 a. Here, she and her two-person team craft a maximum of 40 dozen doughnuts each day in such unique varieties as bacon-maple, miso-honey, cheesy hammy, and goat cheese with walnut.

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Their eyes light up. I want to look like a superhero!

That means we sell out fast. A bachelorette party comes to a halt by our table.

Lady a delicous doughnuts

Indeed, Donut Dynamite! As the Ladyy chef, she lit a fire three times a day to cook on a clay stove built by her uncles.

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