How much does a human skeleton weigh



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In both species, the skull is actually much lighter than its size suggests as a ificant volume contains no brain mass at all. Skeleton The skeleton of the elephant has been greatly influenced by the tremendous mass it must support. The middle ear in dolphins serves 2 functions: one is to stiffen the sound transmission system, optimising it for high frequencies. Dolphins are most sensitive for sounds between 40 and 70 kHz.

Deos limbs are hhman of segments in direct line Adult want real sex Joes one another resulting in a rigid pillar of support for the huge mass of the elephant: it is as though an elephant is walking on four thick and upright pillars, which are long in the upper segment and short in the lower. Bottlenose dolphins can hear sounds with frequencies between 75 Hz and kHz in humans the range skfleton 10 Hz to kHz.

This reduces the contact with the surrounding bone and can probably help the dolphin in directional hearing. The dolphin pupil is rather special: instead of a round hole that narrows in bright light, there is a kind of "lid" called operculum that slides down, covering the centre of the pupil, leaving narrow slits on its edges in bright light conditions. This distinction between sexes can make field identification much easier.

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The auditory systems in the brain are highly developed and much larger than for instance in humans. In toothed whales, the air passages and the nostrils fused into a single air canal and blowhole.

How much does a human skeleton weigh

The Asian elephant has a bulbous forehead which contain sinuses, not extra thinking power! The dolphin eye looks a lot like a fish eye. Eyes and ears Bottlenose dolphins can see equally well above and under water.

As in all mammals, elephants have seven neck vertebrae. Underwater we skeletoh get a clear picture: we are extremely far-sighted underwater. The jaw particularly the upper jaw in the African elephant is larger and more pronounced, especially in males, to accommodate the development of its immense tusks. As a comparison, cattle have a skeletal structure that only weights about 10 percent of the total weight.

The pressure of a given sound in water is about 60 times as high as the same sound intensity in air. Dolphins have tiny external ear openings, which are barely visible, just behind weibh eyes.

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In the anterior view, the Asian elephant has a much longer and narrower face than the African counterpart. These openings probably have no or only a limited function in hearing. This tissue extends from a thin area of the lower jaw to the inner ears.

The backbone is the mechanism by which soft tissues are 'hung', consisting of sturdy vertebrae with high, strong neural spines in the chest thoracic area. The neck of the African elephant is almost horizontal whereas in the Asian elephant, it is held at approximately 45o. In the dolphin eye, the refractive power of the lens has become greatly increased, because the lens is located further forward and is completely spherical.

The huge forehead holds a intricate inflated sponge-like bone, which are formed from a large of cavities between the two surfaces of the bone.

In the human eye, most of the refraction is done by the cornea, while additional focussing is done by the weihg. The acoustic faculty in dolphins is well developed.

There are similarities and differences in the skull structure between African and Asian elephants. The massive shoulder blades provide support for muscles from the forelimbs. However, the female skull forms a ridge extending over the top of the forehead resulting in a square-like appearance. Elephants normally have 20 ribs forming an enormous barrel-shaped cage.

Special adaptations in the edges of the Lexington park swinging may also improve above water vision. A short review: rostral: towards or on the snout front, rostrum caudal: towards or on the tail flukes dorsal: towards ewigh on the back ventral: towards or on the belly lateral: towards or on the sides Blowhole Whales and dolphins must come to the surface to breath.

Skull As one might think, the brain is not located humam the front of the skull, but is in the cranial cavity behind the eyes in line with the auditory canal. The Asian and African elephants show a great variation between their skull structures.

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Meanwhile, the male has a rounded forehead. The skull proportions between species is markedly different.

The shape of the skull is distinctly different between the male and female African elephant. The blowhole is closed by a strong valve, which opens briefly for a fast exhalation and inhalation.

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The auditory nerve has double the amount of nerve fibres compared to the human auditory nerve. The dolphin retina is organised differently than most mammal eyes: instead on one high-sensitivity area or yellow weihgthe dolphin eye has two such areas. The dolphin eye is optimised for underwater vision. The middle ear cavities of dolphins are independently suspended and surrounded by air-filled spaces.

Also, elephants do not possess a collar bone.

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In both, the neck muscles attach to a flattened skull in the rear of the head. The other is to balance the pressure between the inner ear and the external environment. Similar to Man, the elephant has an almost vertical pelvis that is greatly expanded. Being the largest land animal, the elephants skeleton must support a tremendous amount of weight. There is a great difference in the shape of the skull between sexes in the African elephant.

In the course of evolution, the nostrils of the whales moved Flirt and click the top of their head to make breathing at the water surface easier.

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Experiments in which a sound-absorbing hood of neoprene was placed over the lower jaw showed that dolphins with the hood in place had considerable difficulty hearing. These narrow slits may give the dolphin more depth of vision above water and therefor better vision. The lower jaw of the dolphin is filled with a fatty tissue, which conducts sound quite well.

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