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Morning glory slang meaning

The poor bastards in Iraq that have to rub one off on guard duty. Atomic Upper-Decker Blumpkin: Receiving a blumpkin while dropping a turd into the toilet tank while sitting on the top of a bathroom stall.

Eiffel tower sex slang

This maneuver is said to be as difficult as getting a dog to stay in the bathtub. Then he tries to hold his mount while the female bucks wildly. Then reaching under them and raising their body so they fly over the railing and fall to their death.

Eiffel tower sex slang

It was a nightclub until and in the s and s it was the most famous nightclub in Paris. Donkey punch: While doing your partner from behind, immediately before ejaculating, you punch them in the back of the head, thereby causing the anus to tighten around the penis, resulting in a greater orgasm. Angry Pirate: When one is about to ejaculate during a blowjob, shoots semen in one of the female's eyes, kicking one of her legs, and running away.


Morning glory slang meaning

Dirt Biking: When a man takes a dump on dlang girl's chest and then titty fucks her. Abraham Lincoln: Shaving one's pubic hair and keeping it, then ejaculating on towwer partner's face and throwing the pubic Wanted south sarasota married female on their face so that it sticks. Donkey Punch Balcony Throw: While doing your partner from behind on a balcony, immediately before ejaculating, you punch them in the back of the head, thereby causing the anus to tighten around the penis, resulting in a greater orgasm.

Dirty Dog: After Anal sex, performing oral sex on the unwashed penis.

Eiffel tower sex slang

Dog in the Bathtub - Inserting both testicles in the vagina, while the penis is interted into the anus. Bagpiping: The masturbation of the penis with an armpit Bismark: Leaping soang any distance with the express intent of ending in insertion. The best are probably at Odette in the Skipthegames pittsburgh Quarter.

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Leaving skid marks on the face is optional. Not sure this is even Escorts north myrtle beach possible. Angry Dragon: When a girl is giving you oral sex, just as you are about to ejaculate, grab the back of her head and thrust as hard as you can and whisper in her ear that you have AIDS just as you cum. Alaskan Dragon: Where the man ejaculates into the wlang mouth, and she then puffs out her cheeks and the man presses them in again forcefully, causing the semen to spew out like a dragon's fire.

Eiffel tower sex slang

The result is an angry girl who cannot see out of one eye the eyepatch and has trouble walking on one of her legs the pegleg. Mainly used on the toilet or in nature.

TP, Triple Penetration When a woman is entered anally, orally, and in her vagina simultaneously Training Other practices[ edit ] It should be noted that many of the following practices are not performed in actuality, but only exist as part of urban lore. Then I would club hop around the city at nightplaying slqng many of my favourite clubs as I could in one evening. Alpine Surprise: Receiving fellatio Eirfel a partner who just ate an Altoid. Asian Steamer aka Cleveland Steamer: Defecating on plastic wrap which is over a person's face.

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They know their clientele — they serve breakfast until late in the afternoon — then after some food you should be ready to party again! Paris is a beautiful city in the day, but for me it will always come alive by night.

Arabian Goggles: While getting a blowjob, the blowee places a single testicle in each eex of the "blower". Brown Neck Tie: After engaging in anal sex, the man pulls out and has sex with her tits, leaving the impression of a brown neck tie.

She will freak out and try to spit the cum out, but it will come out of her nose instead of her mouth. Double Master Blaster: Reaching orgasm from fellatio while smoking a crackpipe.

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Dirty Shirley: Ejaculates into the ear of a sexual partner, either intentionally or accidentally. Alaska Pipeline: Anally penetrating the partner with a turd that has been left in the freezer for a period of time sufficient for complete solidification. Columbus Toaer Defecating, usually with diarreah, into your parter's navel then either licking it or smearing it over their stomach Combat Jack: Jerking off, or engaging in any sexual activity while in a combat zone, i. So named because it resembles the act of siphoning gas prevalent during the fuel shortages of the Sexy housewives seeking nsa Bismarck.

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Bucking Bronco, The: While engaged in anal sex with a female partner, the male suddenly grabs and firmly squeezes the Hell out of her tits while screaming another woman's name. Alabama Cupcake: The act of leaving the female's diaphragm, full of feces, on the pillow next to her in the morning. Carpet Cleaner: During ses sex, picking the girl up and pushing her face through the carpet whilst restraining her arms.

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