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See more ideas about Rave outfits, Rave bra, Rave wear. I used to try to do my weekly activity reports on the computer. This is a picture of the guys, the Apollo 11 crew at chow time [photo S ].

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We serviced the camera palette, but did not fly in this two-seater aircraft [photo S ]. Slezak: We had some 4 x 5 [inch] Speed Graphics, which the news people were still using.

Any hot bottoms around Frankfurt am main

I had a bunch of proof sheets like this [photo s SSSSS Frankfuft, SSS ]. Tech [Technical] Services [Division] at Langley made a large pistol grip with a shutter release cable in it so it could be operated with big gloves on and with one hand. I used to shoot a lot of stuff for school and friends at school, and I used to process and print my own pictures.

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Slezak: Right now. After all this was done and the systems were flushed, we burned formaldehyde inside of the spacecraft and secured the door, and they figured that this would take care of any bugs that might be there. Rave skirts line, goth clothing, unique festival skirts from our rave wear clothing collection. We got to be very good friends.

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We appreciate you taking the time for this project. We also flew jobs in helicopters, too. Got to be pretty good friends with [Margaret] Rhea Seddon and some of the girls. There was no road. Jack [J. We were about the same color as our flight suits. They had been scattered in buildings all over Houston.

At the time I was the monitor for the digital film recording laboratory. Rave Girl is one of the characters from Pop'n Music.

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Clarence [A. They came with these big gray boxes. And all this stuff had to be annotated by a guy named Mr.

Any hot bottoms around Frankfurt am main

Stanley, me, Bobby [V. I had been up for many many hours because of the glitch with the autoclave and the contact with the Moon dust.

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When the flight film came, we, Frrankfurt quarantine, were looking out the back door of the LRL. We shot these pictures on 8 x 10 cut film.

So we contacted Kodak to see if they still had some of this stuff. But digression again here.

I noticed on the News Roundup [July ] they used one of my pictures similar to one of these on their blurb that they had for the 40th anniversary issue [photo S ]. This is just a tie-down strap that we have because whenever you exert any force in zero gravity you go the other direction. I got to be in charge of the photo effort at White Sands. The rock boxes and the film boxes all looked the same.

Any hot bottoms around Frankfurt am main

Goofy Goober Rock: 6. And everything worked just wonderfully.

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Wright: What a crew. When they dug the tunnels and started to run the heating, air conditioning, communications, electric lines, and everything, before they covered them over, these rattlesnakes would fall down into the tunnels there. Black Faux. Slezak: Yes, up close and personal.

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They would leave before Vance would. And we had an Frankfurtt Air Force contact printer at the building there to print them on. Rave clothing is really comfortable to wear. It had somehow gotten on the film, and it melted it. So I think we did this for a long, long time.

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